Metallica Reacts to Major 'Master of Puppets' Scene in 'Stranger Things'

The metal classic was used during one of the biggest moments from season 4.

Metallica is giving Stranger Things the seal of approval! On Tuesday, bandmembers, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo, took to their official Instagram page to praise the Duffer Brothers for the use of their 1986 hit, “Master of Puppets” during Eddie Munson’s (Joseph Quinn) big scene in the season 4, volume 2 finale.  

“The way The Duffer Brothers have incorporated music into Stranger Things has always been next level, so we were beyond psyched for them to not only include “Master of Puppets” in the show, but to have such a pivotal scene built around it,” the bad wrote next to a clip of the song running during an extended trailer for the show. 

“We were all stoked to see the final result and when we did we were totally blown away... it’s so extremely well done, so much so, that some folks were able to guess the song just by seeing a few seconds of Joseph Quinn’s hands in the trailer!! How crazy cool is that? It’s an incredible honor to be such a big part of Eddie’s journey and to once again be keeping company with all of the other amazing artists featured in the show. 
#strangerthings #strangerthings4 #masterofpuppets #eddiemunson #netflix #EveryoneIsWelcomeInTheMetallicaFamily @strangerthingstv @netflix.” 

During the two-hour season finale, Eddie (Quinn) thrashed the metal classic on a guitar to distract the Demobats while in the upside-down -- as the rest of the gang tried to destroy Vecna. Shortly after episodes 8 and 9 dropped -- “Master of Puppets” quickly climbed the charts in both the U.S. and the U.K.  

On Monday, "Master of Puppets" landed at number 12 on Spotify's Top 50 U.S. chart and number 26 on the music platform's Global Top 50. On Sunday, Metallica’s bassist Robert Trujillo took to Instagram to reveal his 17-year-old son, Tye, helped provide additional guitar tracks for the episode. 

"That’s my boy! Proud of ya Tye!" he wrote. "Stranger Things finale shredding it on “Master of Puppets” and big thanks to @kirkhammett on helping!  @tyetru @metallica @strangerthingstv #metallica #masterofpuppets #strangerthings #eddiemunson." 

Prior to the finale, Quinn spoke to ET and revealed that the performance was “pretty much all me” and reacted to the fan’s love for Eddie’s big scene.  

"I was lucky that I kind of I've played guitar since I was quite young so I had kind of the foundations to take most of it," he shared. "It's great fun, you know, who wouldn't wanna kind of be a rock star for an afternoon or an evening?" 

Quinn added that he was asked via text if he could play guitar, but it wasn't until the show was back from hiatus that he really grasped what he'd be doing. "I think it might be the only world where like a sequence like that kind of can exist and it not feel ridiculous," he said of the show. "I mean, obviously it is ridiculous, but it feels earned and it feels fun and it feels like the perfect crescendo to this kind of crazy sequence." 

“Master of Puppets” isn’t the only 80s hit that picked up traction during this season of Stranger Things. Kate Bush’s 1985 single, “Running Up that Hill (A Deal With God)" made its way onto the Billboard Hot 100 charts, following the release of season 4 – and its use in one of the season’s biggest scenes.  




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