Michael Bublé Talks Romantic Music Video With Wife Luisana and Their 11th Anniversary (Exclusive)

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Michael Bublé and his wife, Luisana Lopilato are as in love as ever.

ET's Matt Cohen was on set of Bublé's music video for his new single, "I'll Never Not Love You," where he talked about the concept behind the video and including his wife in the visual for his latest love song.

"Well, I thought the song, 'I'll Never Not Love You,' was so special, that I felt it deserved a huge swing, I really did," Bublé explained. "I knew it was ambitious and the concept was ambitious, but I miss the days of the grand, huge epic music videos, so my love of music has always been very cinematic. When, I write, the way I arrange songs, there's always this great cinematic aspect to it, and so I really wanted to be able to take this song and give it the love and the admiration I had for it by giving it a killer story."

The video is the follow up to Bublé's 2009 hit, "Haven't Met You Yet," which also starred Lopilato as his leading lady.

"15 years ago, you saw that my wife had a song that I had written for her where I meet her in a grocery store, and it becomes this thing at the end of the song that it's all just a daydream, and so I had this idea in the Michael Bublé cinematic experience, 'Why can't I make the sequel? Why can't this be the sequel?' So, at the end of the video, we find out that like M. Night Shyamalan, instead of I see dead people, we realize that once again, I have imagined all of this, I fantasized the whole thing," he revealed.

The video also pays tribute to some of cinema's most romantic moments, and tells a story about love, hurt and hope.

"My wife and I have gone through, I think, the most romantic parts of cinema and some of the greatest moments of cinematic history and pay tribute cause we love them so much, and we love each other and at the end of the video, you find out once again I'm daydreaming," the 46-year-old performer added. "But the difference is now, the girl from 'Haven't Met You Yet' video that was his girlfriend at the time, 15 years later, is his wife and they have three beautiful kids."

As far as working with his wife for the second time, Bublé called it "the greatest moment in the world" to share his music with the love of his life.

"Working together, you find out who people are, when things get bad, we've been through a lot," Bublé began. "She’s a beautiful human being. I've leveled up in a big way, to be able to get inspired to make music and then to get to work alongside her, laugh with her, it’s been amazing. We've laughed so much, we've talked about how lucky we are, it’s the greatest moment in the world. And to share it with the love of my life is pretty good."

Luckily for Bublé, he's not daydreaming. The pair will soon be celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary and they're thinking about taking another trip down the aisle.

"I think we've always wanted to renew our vows, but never wanted to make people like pukey about it, you know what I mean?" Bublé said.

"Our kids often ask us why they weren’t at our wedding. They don't quite understand why they didn't get to be there," he continued. "So, it's one of those things where we thought, 'You know what, we have a lot to celebrate in our life why don't we...wouldn't it be lovely to renew the vows, let the kids be there, and all that.' So, they could be there this time."

The single is the latest of his upcoming album, Higher, out March 25, and it's the first studio album the Canadian singer has put out since 2018's Love.

"For me I just really felt inspired to create, to reach out, to call Sir Paul McCartney to meet with different arrangers, to sit in my kitchen and write and sing with my kids," Bublé shared of the pandemic, which he said encouraged him to get back to his craft.

"You know it’s weird, I had a long, beautiful, talk with Ed Sheeran, and he kept telling me that he never says no. He said, 'You know, Mike, I just keep saying yes, and I just keep myself open to the universe.' And so, I just started saying, 'Yes, yes, yeah! Let's try that! Let’s do that.' And you know what's weird? Go, try it! It works!"

You can hear I'll Never Not Love You when it drops Jan. 28.


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