Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Remember Kirk Douglas (Exclusive)

ET also chatted with the couple about their participation in 'We All Play Our Part: A Benefit for MPTF.'

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones know the late Kirk Douglas was one of a kind.

The pair chatted with ET's Kevin Frazier about participating and raising funds for "We All Play Our Part: A Benefit for MPTF," as well as Michael's late father and what he would think about their philanthropic efforts.

"There wasn't anyone like him. There's another generation, that was the great generation, post-World War II…and Dad was one of kind," Michael says of his father, who died in February at the age of 103. "I think he's very happy. I know he takes particular pride -- not so much in whatever I worked with and I'm doing with the Motion Picture Television Fund -- but I know he loves Catherine [and] the work that she's doing."

"He always used to tease me. We would call him up and he would be like, 'Enough with you, let me talk to your wife,'" Michael cracks. "He was a flirt until the very end."

"Oh yes, he's a great flirt," adds Catherine, before sharing her memories of her father-in-law and how full his life was.

"He crosses our minds every day. But for me, during this time of, 'OK, we are all locked down, what do you do?' It's so easy to go into a procrastination vibe," she explains. "And Kirk, he went through so much from a helicopter crash to a stroke and then just age, being alone and what does he do with this time. And what was so admirable about him was he was always involved with courage events, he wrote 11 books, he worked with his rabbi, he worked with his philanthropic endeavors and he always created something to do and he taught me that lesson. He always said to us, 'Write a book, do something else. What are you doing?' And he'd be working on something right now, I’m sure."

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and many people in the film industry without jobs, Michael and Catherine are supporting the Motion Picture Television Fund ahead of the organization's 100th anniversary next year.

Whether in front of or behind the scenes, the "We All Play Our Part: A Benefit for MPTF" hopes to help those in financial need during these uncertain times. The couple, along with Michael's late father, have a history of giving back to the organization, and know that every little bit helps.

"We are all so proud of our industry, because I think we are the only industry that has an organization that takes care of their own, so not just actors -- I am talking about screenwriters, I am talking about costumers, I am talking about construction people, anybody who works in the movie business can rely on the Motion Picture Television Fund to help them out," Michael says. "Catherine and I have been very much involved for a number of years, pretty much since my father, Kirk, became involved."

Catherine adds, "I have been part of it through my affiliation with the Douglas family and being an actor myself and seeing what it does to my community that creates the magic on the screen. It takes an army, so it is very, very dear to our hearts."

"For anybody that's ever bought a movie ticket or has enjoyed the movies, this is the best way you can give something back," Michael says. "Just think about buying a ticket, or two, or three as a contribution to the Motion Picture Television Fund as we get ready to get our 100th year."

The “We All Play Our Part: A Benefit for MPTF” takes place on Friday, May 15. 



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