Michelle Money's Ex Says Their Daughter Is 'Walking and Talking' After Being in a Coma

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Michelle Money's daughter is on the road to recovery following a skateboarding accident. The Bachelor alum's ex, Ryan Money, took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal that 15-year-old Brielle is "walking and talking" weeks after being admitted to the ICU, being placed on life support and undergoing brain surgery.

"Brielle is absolutely crushing our expectations. Everything that we were prepared for she is blowing out of the water," Ryan wrote, alongside pics of Brielle's siblings waving to her through a window. "To think that 10 days ago she hadn't moved and we had not heard her speak, and she is now walking and talking and it would be hard for you to tell that she was just 3 weeks out from an accident."

"She proudly proclaims, 'I do not have one tube hooked up to me anymore.' The sensor in her head, the drain in her head, the pic line in her leg, the IVs in both arms and foot, the breathing tube and the feeding tube are ALL GONE!" he continued. "Nobody is more excited about this than she is. Ever since the tubes have been gone we have not been able to keep her down."

Ryan noted that Brielle will likely be able to come home "next week sometime," where her recovery will continue and ongoing precautions will be taken.

"She will continue to work on getting her full strength back, but we are confident that she will get there," Ryan wrote. "The doctors have talked with us about being extremely cautious for 6 months to a year, no riding bikes, running, sports for her, but that is a small price to pay for the injury she sustained."

Ryan ended his post by thanking all of Brielle's well-wishers for helping her "get through this."

"As a parent, I cannot tell you in words what this whole experience has been like, from watching her in the ICU to the first time she moved, talked and then moved to the NTU, to receiving your prayers, fasts, thoughts and energy," he wrote. "WE LOVE YOU. We owe you more than we can repay so grateful for all the good that was poured out upon us! Thank you!!"


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