Michelle Obama Knitted Tops for Sasha, Malia and Barack Obama in Quarantine

The former first lady is embracing her new life.

Michelle Obama kept busy and learned new hobbies during quarantine. The former first lady revealed during an appearance on CBS This Morning on Monday that she started knitting over the past year. Among her creations included tops for her daughters, Sasha, 19, and Malia, 22, and husband Barack Obama.

"I’m still not working at the pace I was working. I still have more freedom to do the things that I want -- I’m knitting now,” Michelle first told Gayle King, who jokingly said "no disrespect" but the hobby sounded "very old lady." "I like creating something out of nothing. But it's not old lady, I don’t want you to come for my knitting community Gayle."

She then divulged that she made a crewneck sweater for the former president, and while he hasn't worn the clothing item she said "he loves" it.

"He will [wear it]. It was finished when it got a little warmer. So it’s ready for him," she noted. As for her daughters, "I made halter tops for Malia and Sasha that they love."

ET spoke with Michelle in March, where she shared some of the other ways her family kept busy during quarantine, including what a typical dinner night at home looks like, outside of the White House.

"We have our health and we are together as a family. And we're not getting on each other's nerves, so we count our blessings," Michelle shared. "We try to eat dinner together as a family every night. That's a pretty important ritual, so we usually have dinner at about 6:30, that's pretty regularly, and we have different kinds of foods."

"Pizza is on the list, it's one of the favorites, but it's pretty balanced," she continued. "We usually try to have a delicious protein and a vegetable. And then depending upon what I'm trying to accomplish -- for me, personally, I may not have a carb -- but then there's my husband, who needs lots of food, eats tons of carbs. So we try to make sure it's balanced."

Hear more in the video below.