'Mighty Ducks' Shaun Weiss Celebrates 2 Years of Sobriety After Meth Addiction

Shaun Weiss
Walt Disney Pictures/Oroville Police Department

The 'Mighty Ducks' actor checked himself into rehab shortly after an arrest in 2018.

Mighty Ducks actor Shaun Weiss is celebrating the two-year sober mark. The comedian celebrated the news on Instagram Thursday with a series of posts.

“🙏 for your 💜& support!! If you or someone you know is in need of treatment- 866.480.2496,” he wrote next to a picture of socks that read, "Sober AF Two Years.”  

In follow-up posts, Weiss shares side-by-side images of him from the start of his journey to now. The current picture shows the actor with a fuller face and beard.  

“Here’s a better comparison shot—-> What a triumph! Congrats @shaunweiss on 2 years sober!!! 🎉🎉🎉 So proud of you brotha—look at you now🙌 #goldberg #recovery #blessed,” a tagged post from friend Drew Gallagher reads.  

Weiss, who played goalie Greg Goldberg in the Disney films, checked himself into rehab for meth addiction, following an arrest for public intoxication in 2018. According to People, Weiss is currently living in a sober house and venturing back out into the world of stand-up comedy.  

Weiss took to Facebook to share that he was finally getting the help that he needed. "At this time, in an effort to break free from the self destructive patterns of behavior and drug abuse that have landed me at rock bottom, (to be real... BELOW rock bottom. Even rock bottom is like 'holy sh*t, how'd you get all the way down there?')," Weiss wrote in the since-deleted post.  

"I have checked in to a well regarded, long term rehabilitation center. I have surrendered to the reality that without immediate treatment my life is in imminent danger," he added. 

Weiss shared that his "once depleted spirit" was renewed by fans who told him in person and online what his past work meant to them.  

"Please believe how medicinal these personal exchanges are for me. Even if you think I'm the knuckle-puck guy or the fat kid from Hook," he said. "In the midst of my most challenging times your support is giving me the strength I need to embark down the long road to recovery."