Mila Kunis Says She's Most Vulnerable With Her Kids: 'I Become a Mess'

Mila Kunis
The Edit/David Bellemere

The actress also admits that she and husband Ashton Kutcher "wanted kids so bad."

Mila Kunis doesn't let work get to her -- but her family is a different story.

"[My kids are] where my vulnerability is," the 34-year-old actress admits in an interview with her A Bad Moms Christmas co-star, Kathryn Hahn, for The Edit. "My job, it comes and goes. You don’t get a job, you get a job, you don’t get a job. Your kids, you just want one thing. So, to answer your question, that’s where I become a mess."

Needless to say, Kunis is very thankful that she and husband Ashton Kutcher were able to have kids on their timing. "I have an 11-month-old [son Dimitri] and a three-year-old [daughter Wyatt]. I have tiny little humans," she muses. "Ashton and I wanted kids so bad; we were so ready to be parents. We were able to have this little family the way we wanted, and I’m so grateful for it and it’s the one thing that I can’t control."

Kunis also shares stories from her own childhood and working in Hollywood since age nine. "I did Days of Our Lives, Baywatch... You would die. I was on Baywatch twice -- two different characters," she quips. "Once I was blind. I got lost in a fire and had to be saved."

She adds, "At the end of that episode I was boogie boarding. I was a blind boogie boarder."

Kunis credits her family for giving her a normal upbringing, despite being a child actor. "I think the reason I didn’t come out f**ked up is because my family’s self-worth never relied upon me," she notes. "There’s too much pressure, and as a kid you’re physically incapable of handling it. I can barely handle pressure now. Can you imagine [age] 12?"

The Edit/David Bellemere
The Edit/David Bellemere

Now that she's a parent herself, Kunis is still learning how to balance her work and home life. 

"You're still stressed out and there's still the idea of the guilt of leaving your kids, but you know that they'll be OK," she confessed to ET last month. “Because I've already done it once and the kid doesn't resent me, so I was like, ‘OK, I think I can do this.'"

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