Miles Teller Reveals His Wife Was 'Not a Fan' of His Now-Famous ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Mustache (Exclusive)

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Miles Teller's mustache from Top Gun: Maverick has gotten a lot of unexpected love from fans, and now the actor is following that up with a mullet in his new Netflix sci-fi thriller Spiderhead.

The 35-year-old star walked the red carpet at a special screening of Spiderhead at the Paris Theater in New York City on Wednesday, and he spoke with ET's Rachel Smith about his mustache and mullet -- which has been deemed by some fans online

"It's a choice, and people let you know if it becomes iconic," Teller said with a laugh.

The actor -- who stars opposite Chris Hemsworth and Jurnee Smollett in the thriller -- explained, "In Australia, where we filed it, the mullet has made a roaring comeback. It's this cool, edgy thing."

That being said, Teller's wife, Keleigh, apparently wasn't quite on board as so many others.

"I'll tell you, my wife is not a fan of either," Teller admitted. "The mullet or the mustache."

However, his mustache seems to be a big part of his recent popularity on TikTok -- or "#TellerTok" as some have dubbed his following. And a huge part of that seems to be spurred on by Keleigh herself, sharing clips of him dancing or goofing around.

While Teller says he's "in the dark" about his newfound TikTok viral stardom, the actor says his ladylove is "just having fun with it."

"It'll die away soon then it'll be something else," Teller said with a shrug.

Teller recently spoke with ET's Matt Cohen earlier this week where he also explained his surprise and bewilderment at his TikTok fame.

"I don't have Instagram or TikTok or anything, but I know my wife, I'll just see her on her phone and then she'll start cracking up. And so then she shares with me what's going on," Teller explained. "But I mean, yeah. It's great. If it brings people in the theater or, I don't know, gets some new fans maybe for me? That's all good."

Fans will get a chance to check out Teller's mullet when Spiderhead debuts on Netflix on June 17.


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