Miley Cyrus Has 'Reunion of the Decade' With 'Hannah Montana' Co-Star Emily Osment

The two went live on Cyrus' Instagram on Monday.

As people across the globe continue to self-isolate to stop the further spread of coronavirus, Miley Cyrus is keeping her fans entertained!

To kick off week two of her "BRIGHT MINDED: Live With Miley" series, which is airing every day at 11:30 a.m. PT/2:30 p.m. ET on her Instagram, the 27-year-old singer reunited with her Hannah Montana co-star, Emily Osment.

"You are gonna be shooketh," Cyrus exclaimed to her viewers. "This is the reunion of the decade! My BFF that shared the screen with me for the last 15 years."

"On and off screen she's a badass best friend," she added. "Whether for Hannah or Miley, she's always there for her."

Cyrus, who played the lead role of Hannah Montana on the Disney series, then started showing old pics from their time on set together. She also shared snaps from some of their most memorable photo shoots.

First was a pic of Osment's character, Lilly Truscott, sanitizing Hannah during a scene, which seems fitting amid the coronavirus, where everyone is being told to wash their hands and sanitize regularly.

"There's a theory the show predicted everything that was going to happen in life," Cyrus joked. "This was the year Hannah was trying to make tutus and peplums happen."

Osment recalled these days feeling "much longer" than anyone warned them about. "We had to take a lot of photos," she shared. "That was our life for eight years."

To this day, Cyrus says she still remembers their first day of press for the TV show.

"My teeth had all decided to fall out ... so my mom [Tish] had to get me fake teeth," she revealed. "We look like we're going to church [here]."

Jesse Grant/WireImage

The two also joked about having to wear crazy, colorful costumes. "As we were starting to get a little older, I remember it kind of feeling a little strange to put on a tutu and a wig," Cyrus remembered. "They say you get younger as you get older. Now I put on wigs and dance around the house ... I was getting paid then and now I'm just doing it for s**ts and giggles."


Although it's been years since Cyrus and Osment were on the show together, they still pinch themselves thinking about all of the "cool" things they got to do as young kids in the spotlight.

"We did Teen Vogue?" Osment asked, when Cyrus held up a photo from their cover shoot. "We're so cool."

"The entire day we were like, 'Guys, we're not going to prom, what the hell," Cyrus added. "They gave us puppies to make us shut up."

Cyrus revealed that her mom will be joining her at the start of Tuesday's show, delivering inspirational messages for their fans. Then, her dad, Billy Ray, will come on to talk for a new "Devotionals With Dad" segment.

In the meantime, hear highlights from Cyrus' debut episode featuring Demi Lovato!


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