Miley Cyrus Says She Smokes Weed Again, Thanks to Her Mom

Miley and Tish Cyrus
Kevin Mazur/BBMA2017/Getty Images for dcp

The singer opens about how her mom got her to smoke again after revealing last May that she had quit.

Looks like Miley Cyrus hasn't given up marijuana after all!

The "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" singer revealed in a new interview that she's smoking weed again, thanks to her mom, Tish Cyrus.

"We toke a little. Every now and then, you know," Miley told U.K.'s The Sun. "My mom got me back on it. When I'm just working I don't think I function at my highest, most intelligent, most being-able-to-be-as-aware-and-as-present, so I don't smoke when I work."

She got even more candid about smoking with Tish during a chat with Andy Cohen for his SiriusXM channel Radio Andy.

"My mom is gonna kill me, but yeah, my mom smokes a lot of weed, " Miley revealed. "No, she probably won't care. She's gonna be like, 'Well, I've been wanting to do a weed company, so you've got me started. I'll get you in, don't worry.'"

"My dad's got a farm, and she's like, 'Yeah, I'm just gonna quit everything,'" the 26-year-old singer added. "She's my manager, so if my mom quits everything, that's quitting me to go, like, home and grow weed. That doesn't sound like the best idea."

Listen below:

Last May, Miley told Billboard that she was making some lifestyle changes in order to focus on new projects.

"I f**king hate it when people can't adjust," she said at the time. "I used to [resist changing]. But I haven't smoked weed in three weeks, which is the longest I've ever [gone without it]. I'm not doing drugs, I'm not drinking, I'm completely clean right now! That was just something that I wanted to do."

"I like to surround myself with people that make me want to get better, more evolved, open," she continued. "And I was noticing, it's not the people that are stoned. I want to be super clear and sharp because I know exactly where I want to be."

Of giving up weed, Miley said, "It's easy, dude."

"When I want something, it's f**king easy for me. But if anyone told me not to smoke, I would not have done it," she said. "It's because it was on my time. I know exactly where I am right now."

Hear the latest on Cyrus in the video below.