Millie Bobby Brown Dresses Up as Jennifer Aniston's 'Friends' Character for Photo Shoot

Millie Bobby Brown
Charlie Brown

Kaitlyn Dever, Dan Levy and more celebs also paid homage to some of their favorite shows.

Millie Bobby Brown is channeling Rachel Green! Ahead of Sunday's Emmy AwardsW Magazine released their 2020 Television Portfolio in which some of TV's biggest stars dressed up as a character from shows they've been watching in quarantine.

In Brown's pics, which were shot by her brother, Charlie Brown, the 16-year-old star dons a plaid skirt and a cream turtleneck.

For Brown -- whose show, Stranger Things, is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series at this year's awards show -- dressing as Jennifer Aniston's Friends character was an easy decision.

Charlie Brown

"An icon! Rachel is my favorite," Brown says of Aniston's beloved character. "After all, she has a hairstyle named after her."

"I dream of people saying, 'I want the Eleven! Or the Enola!' I want my own hairstyle," Brown added of her Stranger Things and Enola Holmes characters.

Charlie Brown

Another star to participate in the portfolio was Ozark's Julia Garner, who dressed in a power suit to pay homage to Succession's Shiv Roy.

"Like Ozark, Succession is the story of an intense family," Garner notes. "I could have put on a wig and played Shiv’s brother, Roman Roy, who is more of a sarcastic, smart-talking misfit with a questionable past, but Shiv is the character I root for on the show."

Mark Foster

Meanwhile, a Succession star himself, Jeremy Strong, took things in a different direction by posing in a kitchen in honor of Netflix's Chef's Table.

"Here’s what I love about the show: They seek out the greats. They visit these amazingly unique chefs who have freed themselves from the granite of the established food culture," he explains. "The show is not about a particular dish or a meal -- all these chefs have a sense of wonder. And I relate to the chefs. The silence you hear in their kitchens is the same kind of quiet you hear in the theater."

Jeff Henrikson

On the comedy side, John Mulaney -- whose latest special, John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch, is nominated for two Emmys this year -- went back to his childhood by posing on a jungle gym, a nod to Netflix's Floor Is Lava.

"A friend sent me a cell phone photo of a person trying to avoid a viscous red fluid, and I immediately said, 'What is that wonderful-looking show?'" Mulaney recalls. "I really like that there’s no article in the name -- Floor Is Lava. Shorthand we should all use. Like: Door’s Broken. Floor Is Lava."

"So, I went straight to my iPad and watched the show. It was so good that I immediately felt terrible that I had not waited to watch it with my wife," he continues. "We usually watch great shows together from the beginning. I went hat in hand, and she forgave me."

Annamarie Tendler

While Kaitlyn Dever's Emmy-nominated limited-series Unbelievable couldn't be less of a comedy, the actress went that route for her shoot, dressing as Schitt's Creek's David Rose.

"I felt really grateful for Schitt’s Creek. My entire family was hooked," she shares. "It was dark and scary at the beginning of quarantine, and we all wanted something funny to watch."

"All the characters are icons, but I was particularly drawn to Dan Levy," Dever adds of the show's star and writer. "I started following him on Instagram, and then we were both cast in Coastal Elites. Dan and I bonded over our nerves -- it’s scary to do a long speech straight to camera."

Ben Platt

Dan Levy, aka David Rose himself, took things in a royal direction, dressing as Nicholas Hoult's The Great character,  Emperor Peter II of Russia -- wig and all.

"I've always been a longtime subscriber to anything that Tony McNamara was writing. I loved The Favourite. I loved his ability to write about the frivolity and the ridiculousness of power, and satirizing it in such a fun and funny and ridiculous way," Levy says of the creator of the Hulu series. "For me, it was a level of escape. There was an ability to kind of escape into this bizarre world that he created, while at the same time getting the satire that I needed."

"Because in so many ways, I feel like The Great is essentially mocking power-hungry politics. I was able to sort of get away from what was going on in my own backyard but still feel like there were some jabs at what was going on in government," he continues. "Not to mention the fact that I thought the performances were gorgeous, and it was just so beautifully shot, and the scope of it was just such a beautiful series to watch. At its heart, very few people have the ability to do what he does in terms of just the sharpest, funniest plays on period politics."

Ana Sorys

The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live Sunday, Sept. 20 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on ABC.