'Million Dollar Listing': Josh Altman and Tracy Tutor Call Out Josh Flagg for Hiring His Boyfriend (Exclusive)

Tracy Tutor and Josh Altman question Josh Flagg's judgment on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

In ET's exclusive look at this week's 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,' Josh Altman and Tracy Tutor have questions for Josh Flagg.

Is it a case of déjà vu? Amnesia? Maybe both?

These are the questions Josh Altman and Tracy Tutor ask in ET's exclusive first look at this week's all-new episode of Million Dollar Listing Los AngelesThe real estate agents meet up with co-star Josh Flagg for their weekly lunch, and the conversation quickly turns to Flagg mixing business with pleasure when it comes to his new boyfriend, Andrew Beyer. Altman points out that things between the two seem to be "hot and heavy," but he means work-wise. See, Flagg and Beyer started co-listing properties, a move that leaves Altman and Tutor scratching their heads, because Flagg's marriage to Bobby Boyd imploded when they started working together.

“Is he, like, at [our brokerage] Douglas Elliman now?" Tutor asks, shocked to hear Flagg answer affirmatively. "Oh my god. He joined your team?! Are you guys crazy? Why would you want to work with him?"

"We have so much fun together every day," Flagg says. "All we do is talk real estate, so why not?"

"What if it goes south?" she inquires, to which Flagg says, "It won't."

"Huh," Tutor then remarks in a confessional, alongside Altman, who points out even more similarities between Beyer and Boyd. Watch it all play out here:

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