Milo Ventimiglia Wore Short Shorts Again and Fans Are Going Wild

The 'This Is Us' star was spotted wearing his famous short shorts after a workout in Los Angeles and fans liked what they saw.

Milo Ventimiglia is back at again with his famous short shorts! The This Is Us actor was spotted leaving Rise Nation gym in West Hollywood after a workout on Monday night, where he showed off his muscular legs in those much-talked about shorts.

Ventimiglia paired his shorts with a graphic T-shirt, hat and a pair of Converse. 

The 43-year-old actor made headlines earlier this month when he was spotted sporting a similar pair of shorts after the gym, and it's safe to say fans aren't complaining about seeing Ventimiglia in short shorts again.


"Me any time a new pic of Milo Ventimiglia in tiny shorts drops," one user wrote alongside a screaming dog meme.

"Another day saved by Milo Ventimiglia’s short shorts," another user excitedly tweeted.

Meanwhile, one fan encouraged Ventimiglia to flaunt what he's got, writing "Milo Ventimiglia's short shorts are back, baby : 'HOT', he knows 'exactly' what he's doing! Go Milo! Work it! If you got it, Flaunt It!."

"Woke up to new pictures of Milo Ventimiglia wearing short shorts, it’s gonna be a good day," another fan declared.

Sadly for This Is Us fans, the show is on hiatus for a few weeks, with the next new episode of the Emmy-winning series returning May 11, but these photos should be enough to hold over fans until then.