Miranda Lambert Makes Out With Shirtless Husband Brendan McLoughlin in 'Tequila Does' Remix Music Video

The singer's brother and brothers-in-law also appeared in the video.

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin are displaying some major PDA in her new music video! The 37-year-old singer released the music video for "Tequila Does (Telemitry Remix)" on Tuesday, and the summer-themed jam featured several appearances from Brendan, whom she married in 2019.

As Miranda sings about finding a cowboy to take home, she spots her husband spraying tanning oil on himself while standing shirtless on a dock with his brothers, K.C. and Patrick McLoughlin.

After several flirty looks throughout the video, Miranda and Brendan wrap things up with a heated kiss in the crowd.

Brendan, who previously appeared in Miranda's "Settling Down" music video, shared behind-the-scenes pics from the latest shoot on Instagram.

"When your cowgirl ropes you in for another video you call in your brothers for backup," he captioned pics of himself with his brothers.

Brendan and his brothers weren't the only important people to appear in the video. The singer's brother, Luke Lambert, and his husband, Marc, also popped up, as did dozens of their friends.

"When Miranda played the remix for me and my husband, Marc, we instantly loved it, so of course we jumped at the chance to bring our best friends to Nashville to be in the video," Luke said. "We had such a blast! By the end of the night, we forgot cameras were rolling. The tequila certainly helped!"

Additional cameos include Miranda's friend and background singer Gwen Sebastian and her husband, Louis Newman; rising duo Tigirlily; country artist Krystal Steel; DJ Telemitry; and countless others.

"This is my first remix of any song in my whole career," Miranda said of the track, which appeared in its original version ofnher 2019 album, Wildcard. "I knew it was right up my brother Luke’s alley so I sent it to him to see what he and Marc thought. They loved it and that gave me the confidence to put it out there."

"It’s so much fun, I thought, 'Why not invite my family and friends out to my farm and shoot it at my vintage trailer park?' It seemed perfect. And Reid Long was my first call to direct this because he has filmed a lot of live stuff for us on the road and I knew it would feel a lot like that -- just capturing fun moments," she added. "I am so glad to have had my friends and family be part of it and we had a blast!"

Watch the video below for more on Miranda Lambert.