Model Winnie Harlow Accidentally Waves the Checkered Flag at the Grand Prix a Lap Early

The 23-year-old supermodel was simply following orders during the Canadian Grand Prix.

Winnie Harlow might have made an epic Grand Prix faux pas, but at least she can laugh at herself!

During the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday, the 23-year-old supermodel waved the checkered flag to signal the end of the race a full lap early, on the 69th lap of the 70-lap race. Formula One was well prepared for such a mishap, as their regulations state that if a flag is waved prematurely, the race concludes after the previous final lap -- in this case, lap 68.

According to ESPN, the error did not impact the race result, as first-place finisher Sebastian Vettel maintained a strong racing speed for what should have been the final lap, though he did message Ferrari with a warning that the flag had been displayed early.

The America's Next Top Model finalist maintained in a series of tweets that the grand flub wasn't her fault -- she was simply doing as was told by race officials.

"Lol it wasn't me," she wrote in one, while another tweet read, "Loool just following instructions."

Harlow kept her sense of humor throughout, also adding on Twitter, "Let the trolling commence."

Despite the mistake, the fashionista said she was "grateful no one was hurt." 

“IT WASNT ME” *Shaggy Voice* when they tell you to wave the flag a lap too early," she shared. "But I’m so grateful no one was hurt!"

Formula One confirmed that the slip wasn't Harlow's fault, sharing in a good-natured tweet of their own, "When you tell @WinnieHarlow to wave the chequered flag too early. Miscommunications happen! #NoHarmDone"

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