Molly Ringwald Reveals She Was Sexually Harassed at 13 Years Old: 'I Have Had Plenty of Harveys of My Own'

The actress says it's time that Hollywood 'decides to enact real change.'

Molly Ringwald is speaking up. 

In a piece for The New Yorker on Tuesday, Ringwald shares her own experience with Harvey Weinstein, and while she says she was never sexually harassed by the producer, she claims she was by "other Harveys." 

Ringwald writes that she was warned about Weinstein before working with him on the movie Strike It Rich when she was 20 years old; the actress ended up suing the producer and his brother for lost wages and "never worked with Harvey or the company again." 

"While my own Harvey story may be different, I have had plenty of Harveys of my own over the years, enough to feel a sickening shock of recognition," she says, before describing several instances of sexual harassment and assault early on in her career.  

At the end of the day, Ringwald says that her hope is that Hollywood "decides to enact real change."

"I hope that young women will one day no longer feel that they have to work twice as hard for less money and recognition, backward and in heels," she concludes. "It’s time. Women have resounded their cri de coeur. Listen."

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