'Money Heist' Star Úrsula Corberó Reacts to Final Season and Talks Possible Spinoff (Exclusive)

ET chats with Corberó and José Manuel Poga about the final season of the hit Netflix series, now streaming.

Warning: If you have not watched season 5 Vol. 1 of Money Heist do not proceed. Spoilers ahead!

Úrsula Corberó "couldn't stop thinking" about what fans would think about Money Heist's final season.

Known in Spanish as La Casa de Papel, the Netflix series dropped the Vol. 1 of season 5 and left viewers with a shocking ending that saw Corberó's Tokyo seemingly blow herself and Sagasta's team up instead of running for rescue.
"I must confess, I'm more nervous than ever," Corberó told ET's Melicia Johnson of people watching the final episodes. "I've done several promos of the different seasons and you always try not to be influenced by thinking too much about the audience in order to bring out the best creativity in regards to your character. But in this case, the last season, I couldn't stop thinking about the audience and trying to meet their expectations. It's a sensation of vertigo because obviously we're facing the ending and we want to live up to the expectations."

The ending will be one for the books, with more episodes on the way in December as Vol. 2 premieres and closes out the series. As for where Corberó and José Manuel Poga, who plays César Gandía, would like to see their characters if they could revisit them in a potential spinoff?

As Poga relayed, "It depends on how much time has lapsed," explaining that he didn't delve into his character outside of César's work life.

"Many characters have had many years go by on the series, whereas in my case there is a few hours worth of trajectory and only in one situation, so I haven't gotten to know Gandía as well beyond those 100 hours," the actor explained. "I don't know how he behaves outside the realm of work or out there with his colleagues going out for a drink. So I don't know how he would really be. I also think it's important the way he is written in the scripts. I stick to my lines. I stick to my scripts, and based on that I create the character."

Corberó, on her end, shared that she finds it difficult to picture Tokyo "as a calm person."

"If I were to imagine her, from the standpoint of me being Úrsula and Tokyo being my friend, I would wish her to be in a calm state, kept outside of any danger, in a space of maturity and enjoying life more," the actress shared. "But as a viewer, and probably as an actress, if I would play her again I would picture her as a troublemaker because I believe that's where her stars lie and that's what makes her happy and I think in reality she's addicted to that."

While fans have to wait a couple months to see Tokyo's fate, Corberó expressed that she felt "relieved" that Money Heist is coming to an end.

"During the last day of filming, I remember that I was weeping and extremely sad but when I was all cried out and brought flowers and left the set, I remember thinking, 'Wow, I have survived the filming of Money Heist and many heavy things have happened since the beginning of the series," she shared. "And making this series entailed a big risk. So without giving any spoilers, I must say I am happy with how things ended with my character, the rest of the characters, and the series."

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 is now streaming on Netflix.