Monica on Supporting Longtime Friend Vanessa Bryant After Kobe and Gigi's Deaths (Exclusive)

The singer tells ET that she will always be by Vanessa's side following her husband and daughter's tragic death.

Monica will always be by Vanessa Bryant's side, especially after Kobe and Gigi Bryant's deaths earlier this year. While talking to ET's Nischelle Turner, the 39-year-old singer touched on her longtime friendship with Vanessa and her family, and how she's supporting them during this tough time.

"Each day is a struggle and I think one of the greatest aspects of our friendship, which has spanned now for almost 11 years, almost 12, it's been really, really important to just simply be there," Monica explains. "Whatever she is feeling each day is something we will never understand, that level of pain, that level of heartache, also respecting her privacy. People have been reaching out for a very long time, but she's always been a private person."

Monica adds that she has enjoyed watching the Bryant's girls -- 1-year-old Capri, 3-year-old Bianka and 17-year-old Natalia -- grow over the last couple of months.

"I literally believe the baby is the happiest baby I have ever come in contact with. Bibi, the dancing machine, is just pure joy," she shares. "And you can see, even in the heartache, they are the greatest blessing. They are the greatest gift that they left. But as a mom, I have never seen the pain of losing a child. We try to keep her covered. She has an amazing village, her sister is amazing, Lala [Anthony]'s always been there. She has a great group of friends, the Gasol family. People have really stepped up and really been giving an outpouring of love."

She also notes that as Vanessa's friend, one of the key things is to give her privacy, have patience, compassion, "and understand that this journey will be a long one. I am in it with her for the long haul."

"I always say 'till death do us part because this is something that will forever be a pain. But she's been a strong one. She's been really strong," Monica says. "I'm really proud of her and I have been really fortunate to have her in my corner through my divorce, through everything that has ever happened in my life. She is always there. One of my worst birthdays, that was the first person to shut down a restaurant and say, 'This is what we are doing!' You have got to give what you get. She has been an amazing friend, so it is easy to just be one back."

And while she says Kobe and Gigi's deaths are "heartbreaking," Monica expresses that she's enjoyed "watching how the world has celebrated" the two.

"Gigi was such a sweet-spirited girl that really, really loved other people deep. She taught me a lot about games. I did not know a lot about board games," Monica recalls. "Gigi was as wonderful as she was because of her mother and because of her father. I appreciate the world for consistently honoring them, and understanding what [Vanessa] is going through and the [outpouring love] is incredible."

Meanwhile, Monica also touched on reuniting with Brandy for Verzuzthe web series which sees industry titans facing off in a friendly battle of music dominance, on Monday, August 31. Of all the songs fans are requesting, "The Boy Is Mine" comes with the most history between the two singers.

“When we did the song, we didn't overthink it,” Monica shares, before touching on what made their song so special. “We share a lot in common. And then at the same time, we’re completely different. We're different in the way that we dress and the things that we've experienced and where we grew up and I think those differences are what made ‘The Boys Is Mine’ so special."

Verzuz Presents Brandy vs. Monica airs Monday, Aug. 31, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Apple Music and Instagram. 



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