Queen Latifah & Dolly Make 'Joyful Noise'


Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton make 'Joyful Noise' in their new comedy about two women forced to work together to save a small-town gospel choir, and ET's own Chris Jacobs was on the Georgia set. Watch the video to hear Dolly serenade Chris!

Dolly and Latifah get to sing together in the film, and Dolly wrote four tunes specifically for the movie. As for working together, Dolly says with a laugh, "I love Queen Latifah! There's only one difference between us: She's cool, and I ain't."

"I'm such a huge Dolly Parton fan; I don't remember life without Dolly Parton," says Latifah. "So to have a chance to work with someone who I kind of looked up to as a kid is really exciting for me, but for her to be so cool, down-to-earth and just funny and sweet and quick-witted, it's just great."

In theaters January 13, 2012, 'Joyful Noise' casts Latifah as Vi Rose Hill and Dolly as G.G. Sparrow, two strong-minded women who clash after the untimely death of their town choir director. Vi, a no-nonsense mother raising two teenagers by herself while her military husband is away, is put in charge of the choir, and G.G. is less than thrilled since she assumed she would take over her late husband's position leading the group.

Despite the ruffled feathers, budget cuts threaten to shut the choir down, and the women must work together to prepare the singers for a national competition if they hope to keep the program afloat.

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