Helen Mirren & Billy Crystal Vamp Up 'When Harry Met Sally 2'

Funny Or Die

Helen Mirren and Billy Crystal have teamed up for a fun 'When Harry Met Sally' sequel parody -- watch the "Funny or Die" video!

Directed by Billy's daughter Lindsay, the spoof finds Billy Crystal and director Rob Reiner pitching a sequel to their 1989 box office hit 'When Harry Met Sally' -- but with Sally "gone," Harry finds new love in a rest home with Helen. The top studio exec responds to the pitch – but it needs a little tweak (or should we say a bite?).

Look for cameos by Mike Tyson, "Glee" star Mike O'Malley, "SNL" star Maya Rudolph and more; and the parody has plenty of references to the original 'When Harry Met Sally,' even that famous fake orgasm "I'll have what she's having" moment!