Natalie Portman: Fierce Warrior with a Filthy Mouth


Does Natalie Portman have what it takes to compete with funny men James Franco and Danny McBride? ET sat down with the cast of 'Your Highness,' to find out.

"Natalie was a treat," says Danny. "I had seen the music video she did for "SNL" so we knew that she had comedic chops and could come in here and rock it." For Natalie she, "was just so excited to get the chance to play someone so different than I've ever played. She's like this fierce warrior with a filthy mouth and it was just fun."

As for Natalie's growing baby bump, she shares, "It's really fun. I love having the evidence of the baby cause I think it's weird, the part of the pregnancy where you don't see any changes." She continues, "it's really fun to have the constant physical reminders." What do the guys think of Natalie's baby bump? Danny is "very happy for her. It's awesome."

James and Danny play princes, one honorable and courageous, the other, not so much, who must go on a quest to save James's bride after she is kidnapped. Along the way they meet a warrior woman played by Natalie Portman whose own quest converges with theirs. "The idea originally was just kind of a joke," says Danny McBride who also co-wrote the film. "This film came from a strong passionate love for the 70's, early 80's sword and sorcery movies I grew up on." Re-teaming with his 'Pineapple Express' co-star, James says, "we were kind of pinching ourselves saying I can't believe we are getting to make this kind of movie."

'Your Highness' rocks into theaters April 8.