Jodie Foster: Mel Gibson is one of 'Most Loved' in Showbiz, Professionally


Jodie Foster spoke out in support of Mel Gibson Wednesday night at a screening of their new film, 'The Beaver.'

On the same day that Gibson's ex and the mother of his baby dropped a domestic violence claim against the actor related to their custody battle, Foster told ET that working with Mel was "amazing."

She asserted, "I think it's no secret that he's really one of the most loved people in the business, professionally."

"He has seen the film, he loves the movie," Foster said, adding, "He's doing well, you know, he's at an interesting moment in his life and he's really being as supportive as he can and, you know, clapping from the sidelines."

Foster directed Gibson in "The Beaver" and disclosed that after 45 years of acting, audiences should expect to find her behind the camera more and more in the coming years.

The film, which is due in theaters Friday, finds Mel playing a formerly successful toy exec and family man who falls into a depressed slump and can't get his life back on track… until, that is, he dons a beaver hand puppet.