'The Hangover Part II' Cast on Their Full Frontal Nude Scenes


The wolf pack is back in 'The Hangover Part II' and ET's Samantha Harris sat down with the cast, getting them to dish on the movie's full frontal nudity and the which cast member was once a practicing physician.

Bradley Cooper shared that he wasn't as shocked by the nudity as he was by Ed Helms' reaction.

"As comedic actors, I think we all sort of hung up our pride and dignity a long time ago," Ed joked. "So, you just kind of power through some of these awkward days."

Ed, who fell violently ill while shooting in Bangkok, described the pain he endured that left him curled up in a ball, lying in the street.

"What's the sickest you've ever felt from food poisoning? And then multiply that by 10,000," said Ed. "And then have to go to work that night."

Unfortunately the former doctor in the cast, Ken Jeong, wasn't onset that day to aid the actor. Ken made the jump from medicine to full-time acting when he booked his role in the first 'Hangover' film and he described how he uses the discipline and intensity of practicing medicine in his new career, saying, "I kind of bring all that to the acting world where I take my clothes off sometimes."

'The Hangover Part II' hits theaters May 26. Click the video to find out how Bangkok became the location for the new comedy.