Robert Pattinson Sucks Face with Taylor Lautner

Robert Pattinson Sucks Face with Taylor Lautner

The MTV Movie Awards are infamous for pushing limits. Watch out Snooki, MTV's got a new bad boy in the house. After causing a stir by kissing 'Twilight' co-star Taylor Lautner, the hunky vampire dropped an unbleeped F-bomb.

While accepting the award for Best Kiss, Rob and Kristen Stewart debated on stage whether to pull a Prince William and Kate Middleton by sharing a peck in front of adoring fans. Taking the romantic moment in an unpredictable direction, Rob declared, "There's someone else in the audience that I think will appreciate it a little more."

With the encouragement of Kristen, Rob leaped off the stage and to the lips of Taylor, who was seated in the audience. Rob planted a kiss right on target. Taylor was later shown wiping his lips dry after the smooch.

Rob later returned to the stage for another jaw-dropping moment. While presenting 'Water for Elephants' co-star Reese Witherspoon with the Generation Award, he delivered lip service of another kind. MTV's bleep reflex was a split second too slow, thus broadcasting the taboo F-bomb during the live telecast.

Watch these memorable moments that will undoubtedly go down in MTV Movie Awards history. The 2011 installment of the annual awards show was broadcast live on MTV Sunday night from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.