'Green Lantern' Stars Dish on Ryan Reynolds' Mystery Diet


The stars of the upcoming 'Green Lantern' film had a chance to talk with our own Nancy O'Dell about the big blockbuster that has Hollywood buzzing, and the world's sexiest man alive (according to PeopleRyan Reynolds admitted it was a "little nerve racking" at first, but had faith that things would stay true to form for the original fans. However, co-star Blake Lively credited that to a specific person.

"We were also lucky because we had Geoff Johns who is the god of Green Lantern for the past five years now at DC [Comics]," the actress stated. "He was there on our set making sure we were doing the comic justice."

While Ryan jokingly referred to Geoff as the "authenticity police," other stars like Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong made quips regarding Ryan's diet for the role, something that still remains a mystery to this day. As Peter referred to Ryan's cuisine as dry wall, Mark had a stronger (no pun intended) opinion on the matter.

"It was some sort of glop, that's the best way I can describe it," Mark said. "I have no idea what was in there and I avoided it like the plague."

Hear more from the stars of the film and what Ryan had to say about his secret specialty food! 'Green Lantern' is set to light up theatres June 17.