Ryan Reynolds on Why He's 'Obsessed' with Himself


Ryan Reynolds wrote a farcical article in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly titled "Why I'm Obsessed with Ryan Reynolds" and ET's Samantha Harris got him to joke about the origins of his sense of humor at the 'Green Lantern' premiere on Wednesday night.

"[Self-deprecating humor] was a survival mechanism with three older brothers," said Ryan who described the article as "very tongue-in-cheek."

In the movie based on the fan-favorite DC Comics character, Ryan plays Hal Jordan, a cocky test pilot recruited by a mysterious and powerful intergalactic force to keep order in the galaxy. Protectors of peace and justice, each member of the Green Lantern Corps. wears a ring that grants him superpowers. Since Hal is the first human recruited to wield the infinite powers of the ring, he must learn how to master his powers and teach his fellow Lanterns some humanity.

Blake Livelyplays Carol Ferris, Hal's childhood sweetheart who is also a pilot, and the actress bombarded Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood with the entire Lively clan.

"All my family - they're all my best friends," said Blake, who graced the black carpet in a stunning see-through Chanel dress and Christian Louboutin heels. "And my nephews, they're one of the reasons I did this movie, so I had to have them here with me."

You can see where Ryan's imagination takes him when 'Green Lantern' hits theaters June 17. Click the video to hear what Blake's nephews think of their aunt.