Tom Hanks Admits Being Taken By Surprise by Julia Roberts' Kiss


Nancy O'Dell
sits down with the stars of 'Larry Crowne,' Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, and Tom turns the tables, taking it upon himself to ask Julia the first question.

Tom boldly asks, "If we hadn't worked together in 'Charlie Wilson's War,' would you have done this movie with me?" Almost at a loss for words, Julia acknowledged that his question was difficult to answer but disagreed with Tom's assumption that her response would be a resounding "no." Tom was happy to stand corrected due as the 'Eat Pray Love' actress divulged that they would have worked together sooner or later.

Tom later revealed how the script, which he wrote with Nia Vardalos ('My Big Fat Greek Wedding'), was specifically tailored for Julia, imagining her as his character's teacher.

That concept was at the forefront thanks to a special kissing scene that they shared in the film, one that hasn't been forgotten by the phenomenal actor.

"It took my by surprise young lady, let me tell you that right now," Tom quipped. "It's not a bad way to spend 45 seconds."

Listen to more from these two stars and make sure to catch 'Larry Crowne' when it comes to theaters July 1.