Justin Timberlake on his 'Creepy' New Role in 'Bad Teacher'


Justin Timberlake finds himself within a love triangle of sorts in the soon-to-be released comedy 'Bad Teacher,' but as Justin tells us, he found the ladies' attention to him as the rich, handsome substitute teacher Scott Delacorte, admittedly "creepy."

"I kind of become the centerpiece between Lucy [Punch]'s character and Cameron [Diaz]'s character," he explains. "I kind of like the tennis match, I just watch and spectate and get creepier by the minute."

Despite Timberlake's "creepy" perception of the role, he nevertheless manages to capture the attention of Cameron, which she tells us doesn't really take much effort. 'Bad Teacher' Elizabeth, she says, is "just looking for a man to take care of her."

Co-star Lucy Punch is up for the fight to win Justin's heart in the film, however, confesses she would "never ever get in a war with Cameron for a man," calling it "foolish" to compete for a boyfriend with the blonde bombshell.

Watch the video to hear more from the film's stars as they walked the carpet Monday night at the New York City premiere.

'Bad Teacher' opens this Friday, June 24.