British Filmmaker Makes Rival Sarah Palin Documentary Conflicting with 'Undefeated'


Sarah Palin's documentary premieres tomorrow but another filmmaker has his own take on the polarizing politician.

British documentarian Nick Broomfield wants the world to see a side of Palin that differs from the soon-to-be-premiered 'Undefeated' and one of the clips he's released is sure to garner some attention.

The British filmmaker, known for such documentaries like 'Biggie and Tupac' and 'Kurt & Courtney,' has taken a more critical look at Palin's rise to fame in America's political landscape. His film features a look at the former Alaskan governor's life and interviews with those close to her including ex-legislative director John Bitney and ex brother-in-law Mike Wooten.

Check out Palin from his perspective!