Kevin James on Being Sprayed by an Elephant While Shooting 'Zookeeper'


Funny man Kevin James might have gone too far cracking jokes on the set of 'Zookeeper,' upsetting a co-star more than twice his size.

"I did get peed on by an elephant," Kevin told us at the 'Zookeeper' premiere on Wednesday. "That was the one thing that I hadn't [experienced] before. Now I can check it off my bucket list."

Kevin stars in 'Zookeeper' playing just that - a caretaker for animals at the Franklin Park Zoo. As good as he is at his job, Kevin's character Griffin feels that he would have a more successful love life if he found a more glamorous job. Not wanting to let Griffin go, the animals pull together to help him find romance.

"I think working with Kevin James is the best," said Donnie Wahlberg, who also stars in the film. "It's good to have someone who doesn't have an ego, who's not afraid to let somebody do their thing and be encouraging and supportive."

Rosario Dawson may have had a slightly less positive experience working on set.

"I'm allergic to animals, so that was a little bit rough," admitted Rosario. "But otherwise it was just really amazing."

'Zookeeper' stampedes into theaters July 8.