Arnold Schwarzenegger To Star In Action Film 'The Last Stand'

Getty Images

Lionsgate confirmed today that Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the big screen in the action film 'The Last Stand.'

Schwarzenegger will star as Sheriff Owens
, a former LAPD officer who moves to a small border town after a botched operation in Los Angeles. While protecting the town of Sommerton Junction, the most wanted drug kingpin in the country is driving towards the border at 200 MPH and it's up to Arnold to make the last stand and stop the kingpin before he slips across the border and disappears forever.

Speaking at the announcement of Arnold's role in this film, Lionsgate president Joe Drake said "Arnold Schwarzenegger will bring incredible magnetism to this complex but classic role…the Sheriff Owens character grapples with some really tough stuff, but ultimately triumphs, and we knew he'd truly elevate this high octane ride."

Schwarzenegger last appeared in a cameo role in 2010's 'The Expendables.'