Lindsay Lohan In Court For Probation Review

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Lindsay Lohan was back in court today for a progress report regarding her probation and specifically her court mandated community service, psychological counseling, payment of court fees and enrolling in a shoplifting course.

According to the probation officer's report filed today regarding these requirements, the report states that "…the defendant has not provided proof to the probation officer that she has complied with any of the above conditions." The report also notes that the probation officer tried to contact Lohan through her assistant on July 12, 13 and 14 but to no avail.

Regarding the community service hours
, Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley noted that Lohan has completed some of her required service, but the probation officer's report states that she had yet to provide verification on this issue.

Despite the allegations from the probation officer, another side emerged in court today showing that Lohan was expected to provide proof of compliance with her probation directly to the court. Lohan was ordered back to court tomorrow to offer the proof of her compliance.

As for enrolling in and paying for counseling, Lohan may not be eligible for insurance coverage through the Screen Actor's Guild. According to the Los Angeles Times, Lohan's attorney noted that she has not worked enough in movies in order to have access to the Guild's health benefits.