Watch: Hugh Jackman's Surprise Comic-Con Drop-In

Watch: Hugh Jackman's Surprise Comic-Con Drop-In

Hugh Jackman crashed Comic-Con in San Diego, giving thanks to the fans who clearly mean a lot to him.

"I kind of owe my career to these guys," said Hugh, explaining that the success of his superhero movie 'Wolverine' was in doubt until comic fans showed up in droves to support the film.

The 'X-Men' star is currently promoting his new movie 'Real Steel,' which is a boxing drama that resembles a very sophisticated version of the Rockem Sockem Robots game. In the movie, humans operate giant robots that fight in the ring on their behalf. Hugh compared the film to sports classics like 'Hoosiers' and 'Chariots of Fire.'

"I love their passion and their energy," Hugh said of his admirers. "I'm genuinely so excited to share with them about this new movie because I know they're going to dig it."

'Real Steel' opens October 7.