New Video: Spider-Man's Amazing Comic-Con Surprise


Spider-Man fans got an amazing treat at Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday when 'The Amazing Spider-Man' star Andrew Garfield surprised fans by secretly showing up in a bargain-bin Spidey Halloween costume. Watch the video!

At the beginning of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' panel, what appeared to be an excited fan in the audience ran to the floor microphone and proclaimed, "I think this might be the most incredible day of my life, and I always wanted to be at Comic-Con," only to rip off his mask and reveal himself to be none other than Garfield. Of course, the crowd went wild.

Garfield then launched into a heartfelt speech about how the character gives him courage and how appreciative he is of all the fan support, saying in part, "I needed Spidey in my life when I was a kid, and he gave me hope. In every comic I read, he was living out my and every skinny boy's fantasy of being stronger. … Peter Parker has inspired me to feel stronger. He made me, Andrew, braver."

He concluded his speech with, "This is my first Comic-Con, and this is definitely the coolest moment of my life. I thank you for being here and sharing it with me."

On the red carpet, Garfield told ET, "I put on my first Spider-Man suit when I was two -- my first Halloween, my first time out trick-or-treating, and it was Spidey. So this is not that different, in a way. … It feels like that same excitement I felt when I first discovered the character and the symbol and read my first comic book, and it's the same thing -- it's just an extension of it. The only difference is now I have the weight of all the fans on my shoulders, you know?"

'The Amazing Spider-Man' swings into theaters July 3, 2012.