Kristen Stewart Recalls Working With David Fincher


Before you knew her as Bella Swan in Twilight, Kristen Stewart worked with some big names early in her career such as Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker and the man who directed them all in Panic Room, David Fincher.

In a candid interview with W Magazine's Lynn Hirschberg, Kristen reminisced on what it was like working with some Hollywood heavyweights at an early age.

"We would do 80 takes of something and I would be kind of frustrated and confused at the end of it," the Twilight star revealed. "I didn't realize that that wasn't normal."

In addition to her abnormal time on set with the Oscar-nominee, Kristen touched on a wide range of topics, from filming her first movie to the rabid appeal of the franchise that's made her a household name. Hear what else Kristen had to say in the video and for more, visit W Magazine'swebsite.