Julianne & Kenny Get Loose for Elle Photoshoot


With this summer's must-see remake just months away, the stars of Footloose take their moves to the pages of Elle to satiate those fans who just can't wait.

"It's definitely a updated, cool version of the Footloose everyone loves," explains newcomer Kenny Wormald of the film's adaptation between takes for the magazine spread. "The story is the same, the heart of the story stays true to the original but Craig Brewer (director) sprinkled some contemporary elements on to it."

Wormald gives credit to his leading lady Julianne Hough for her dedication to the role, and not unlike boyfriend Ryan Seacrest, it seems Julianne is quickly becoming known as one of the most active names in show business. "She's like the hardest working person I know," says Kenny. "I was taking a nap one day, and our trailers were combined, and I was sleeping and I woke up because the thing was shaking. I was like what's going on in Julianne's trailer because she was working out with her personal trainer- getting fit during lunch while I'm taking a nap."

In theaters October 14, the new Footloose finds Julianne stepping into Lori Singer's cowboy boots as Ariel Moore, a small-town girl who takes a shine to newcomer Ren MacCormack (with Wormald taking on Kevin Bacon's iconic role). Ren soon discovers that the town prohibits loud music and dancing in response to a tragic accident, and must face off against Ariel's father, Reverend Shaw Moore (Dennis Quaid), to bring life back to the repressed community.

Watch the video to hear more from Kenny and Julianne, including a bonus sneak peek into the fashions showcased in the pair's new photoshoot.

You can get a preview of the photos here and see more in the September issue of Elle, on stands August 16.