Austin Powers: Back for More, Baby?

Getty Images

Is Austin Powers back, or not? Maybe, baby, maybe. Earlier this weekend, the world was sent into a shagadelic reverie when the website HitFix "confirmed" that Mike Myers had closed the deal to reprise his famous role in Austin Powers 4. However, Deadline New York followed up by reporting that no such agreement has been reached.

The let-down is almost as bad as losing our mojo. But just because Mr. Myers is not necessarily "signed, sealed, and delivered," as HitFix promised, there is still a strong chance that we will be sitting down to enjoy the Goldmember follow-up some time in the next few years. New Line Cinema has been eager to resurrect the series, and reportedly presented a proposal to Myers six months ago after commissioning a script in 2008. According to his reps, Myers is interested, so let the negotiations ensue! It has been nine years since the last film -- so it's now or never, we say!