Anne Hathaway Goes Ice-Cold Skinny Dipping


Anne Hathaway shed the cliche of spoiled actress while shooting her latest film. The actress revealed that the water she dove into for her skinny-dipping scene in One Day was much less pleasurable for her than it will be for audiences.

"It was not warm," said Anne. "It 's cold as Antarctica, I think would not be too big an exaggeration."

The Emmy winner's new movie One Day is based on David Nicholls' bestselling novel of the same name that follows Emma Morley (Anne) and Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess), two friends who experience key moments of their relationship over several July 15ths.

Outside of mastering her tolerance of freezing temperatures, Anne also had to master a British accent for the new flick which shot from locations all over Europe.

"That was hard," Anne admitted. "Here in America we don't have too many brushes with the Yorkshire accent. The most consistent one I ever heard was [Jane Leeves] the girl who played Daphne on Frasierand she was from Leeds and that's where my character was from, so I started there and I just kind of burrowed in further and further."

Even with all the hard work that went into this gig, Anne still appreciates the perks she's had the good fortune to take advantage of, saying, "That's one of the best parts of my job - just getting to go on adventures to new places with new people."

One Day opens August 19.