Paul Rudd Is the Hippie 'Idiot Brother'


Paul Rudd hit the red carpet with his co-stars to celebrate the premiere of Our Idiot Brother, a comedy focused on a hippie organic farmer who unexpectedly barges into the lives of his three sisters after his girlfriend dumps him and he's booted off the farm.

Zooey Deschanel plays one of those sisters and told us at Tuesday's premiere that moviegoers are likely to be surprised by Paul's role as the Idiot Brother, who in reality turns out to be no idiot at all. 

Paul said he was intrigued by the role, especially the fact that it was not confined strictly to comedy. "One of the things that I loved about it -- and knew that it would be the case with Jesse [Peretz] directing it as well -- is that it did kind of straddle that line of comedy and drama. And that it wasn't a broad, silly trifle, but instead was like life, and redemptive and poignant." 

Actor Bob Stephenson -- who plays a cop in need of some serious life-coaching -- said Paul dove right into his "granola" character and delivered a solid performance in the flick, which he described as a coming of age film for adults.

Our Idiot Brother -- also starring Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, Kelly Briter, Rashida Jones and Emily Mortimer -- hits theaters August 26.