Exclusive: 'Warrior' Sneak Peek


On September 9, Warrior will fight for your box office dollars, and based on this exclusive preview, the brothers in buff arms drama should have no problem trouncing the competition.

Starring Tom Hardy (hot as a fire poker after 2010's Inception and his casting in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises) and Joel Edgerton as the brawling bros, this MMA-inspired story of two men aching to craft the best lives for their family already has amazing buzz going for it -- with some even calling it superior to last year's Oscar nominated drama, The Fighter.

And after all their hard work, having Warrior bust up the box office would be a cherry on top of the metaphorical sundae Edgerton and Hardy were prevented from eating throughout the film's rigorous training regimen. To create their character's lean, mean, fighting machine physiques, both boys restricted their food intake while amping up their workouts. For Hardy, that meant a no-carb, no-sugar diet he says turned him into a "foul-tempered, belligerent and unreasonable" S.O.B. But as you can see from the trailer above, it was well worth it!

Warrior hits theaters on September 9.