George & Brad Take Toronto Film Fest


The Toronto International Film Festival was abuzz this weekend with the arrival of big-screen buddies Brad Pitt and George Clooney -- with their respective squeezes by their side!

Brad, in town to promote his new baseball movie Moneyball, walked the frenzied red carpet with longtime love Angelina Jolie, while George, promoting both The Descendants and his newest directorial effort, The Ides of March, stunned the paparazzi by holding hands with Stacy Keibler, taking their romance public.

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In relation to George's politically-themed Ides of March, our own Chrsitina McLarty compared celebrities to politicians, saying that they campaign for a movie, smiling and waving, and George quipped, "Except people don't die when we screw up." The film, co-starring Ryan Gosling, opens in theaters October 7.

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At Brad's Moneyball premiere, Angelina showed up literally handcuffed to her gold clutch, draped in Vivienne Westwood. Brad admitted that he didn't know a whole lot about the game before portraying Oakland A's manager Billy Beane, saying, "I have to admit it's shameful how little I knew about baseball, but they gave me a good schooling." Moneyball opens in theaters September 23.

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Watch the video for more from the Toronto International Film Festival, including what Jon Hamm had to say about his new film, Friends with Kids, directed by longtime love Jennifer Westfeldt.