Anna & Chris Ask, 'What's Your Number?'


Anna Faris and Chris Evans team up for the fun romantic comedy What's Your Number? and we were at the premiere!

In the movie, Anna plays a woman who has made one mistake too many with men and relationships. Believing that she may have missed out on her chance at "true love," she decides to go on a quest to revisit all of her exes and see if there's at least one that "got away." Chris plays her playboy neighbor who agrees to help her find the perfect man. Of course, perhaps he's standing right in front of her?

Chris Pratt, Mike Vogel, Martin Freeman, Andy Samberg, Thomas Lennon, Zachary Quinto, Anthony Mackie, Dave Annable and Aziz Ansari portray Anna's exes.

"Hopefully we're sort of reflecting how women really speak to each other," says Anna. "This is how my friends and I talk to each other, so I think that it's refreshing and funny and hopefully makes guys a little nervous."

Also starring Blythe Danner, What's Your Number? dials into theaters September 30.