Gerard Butler 'Itching' to Be a Dad


In Machine Gun Preacher, Gerard Butler assumes the role of real-life philanthropist Sam Childers. He not only fathers daughter Paige stateside, but becomes the paternal figure for hundreds of orphans in war-torn Africa. Does one of Hollywood's most notorious bachelors plan to pitch in on diaper duty one day?

"Yeah, without a doubt. I've been feeling that itch for a couple of years now," he told ET at the film's premiere. "When you're hanging out with these kids all day, like really, you do look at them and go, 'I could hang out with you forever.' They were a real joy in my life. I was heartbroken when I had to leave them."

Actress Madeline Carroll, who plays his teenage daughter in the film, thinks his boyish charm would translate well into fatherhood. "He plays a really good dad," she said. "Off camera, he's more like an older brother because he's always joking, always playing around." Michelle Monaghan lived every woman's fantasy as the wife of Gerry. Would the Scottish hunk make a good man of the house? "Not too shabby," she reported. "He's not a bad guy to come home to, is he?"

Well, Gerry may not have to look too hard for a contender. Sitcom actress Whitney Cummings was quite flirtatious with him earlier this week on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. "I'm gonna give her a call a hundred times a day," he said of his prospective date. "No, it was fun. That girl is so very sexy and very funny."

Sexy is also a word often used to describe Gerry. Watch the video to find out how he’s adjusted his 300 workout to embody the physique of a surfer dude for the upcoming film The Mavericks.

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The real Sam Childers also cruised down the red carpet in his biker duds. He completely immersed himself in the development of the film, even inviting the screen writer to "basically move in with me for like a year." Hesitant with the casting at first, after screening the movie multiple times, the reformed thug turned do-gooder is "pleased" with Gerry's portrayal of his inspirational character.

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The touching story even caught the attention of Avatar star Zoe Saldana, who praised the charitable cause at the premiere. And, hot off the Emmy red carpet, Jane Lynch's dress designer David Meister dreamed big on the next fashionable celebs he'd like to conquer... Cher, Jane Fonda, Angelina Jolie, and Your Royal Hotness Pippa Middleton! Machine Gun Preacher ricochets into theaters on Friday, September 23.