'What's Your Number?' Stars Talk Nude Scenes


What's Your Number? star Chris Evans is used to wearing some pretty uncomfortable outfits in superhero films like Captain America: The First Avenger and Fantastic Four, but he revealed that his wardrobe for his new comedy didn't fair much better.

"[Chris] didn't sign up for that," Anna Faris joked about her co-stars many nude scenes.

"It's funny -- when I read the script [I] didn't really register how many there were," said Chris.

In the movie, Anna plays a woman who has made one mistake too many with men and relationships. Believing that she may have missed out on her chance at "true love," she decides to go on a quest to revisit all of her exes and see if there's at least one that "got away." Chris plays her playboy neighbor who agrees to help her find the perfect man.

Anna also worked as an executive producer on the movie, but according to her, you'd never know it.

"I came on as a producer early on but I never really felt like much of a boss," admitted Anna. "In fact, I felt like I was being bossed."

What's Your Number? hits theaters September 30.