Abigail Breslin Makes Beautiful Music

Abigail Breslin Makes Beautiful Music

Abigail Breslin became one of the youngest actresses to ever be nominated for an Academy Award when Little Miss Sunshine turned into one of 2007's biggest hits -- and over the last four years, she has never failed to live up to the early promise she showed as Olive.

In her latest movie, the infectious indie Janie Jones, Breslin plays the titular character, who reunites with her estranged musician father and becomes both his muse and his best collaborator. During an interview with ETonline, the 15-year-old actress revealed that the film inspired her love of music so much, she just started a band!

ETonline: Watching the movie, I had no idea you were such a good singer!

Abigail Breslin: Oh, thank you! I had never really sung before, except for church – so this was a new and terrifying thing. Especially since Alessandro [Nivola, who plays her father] was such an experienced singer. I was nervous entering the recording studio, I worried I'd sing half the song and they'd fire me [laughs].

ETonline: Actors who grow up on-screen often talk about taking on adult roles too soon or not soon enough -- do you have any rules about the movies you will work on?

Breslin: I don't have a set plan, I just take each script one at a time. If I like a character and the story, then I do it. I think as you get older, the scripts naturally get older as well. I don't get scripts now that I would have around the time of Little Miss Sunshine.

ETonline: You've previously said that you try to play characters that you'd like to be friends with. What did you like about Janie?

Breslin: I really liked her because she's in difficult circumstances, but doesn't let those things define her. She doesn't become bitter, which she could easily. She stays herself throughout the whole thing, which I really liked. I loved Janie and the story – obviously the music aspect was cool and exciting. Afterwards, I was inspired by it and taught myself guitar, took more vocal lessons and now I have a band with my best friend. Our first song just came out.

ETonline: Can we expect an album, then?

Breslin: Yes, definitely. We're recording now. We have 5 songs done and we're continuing to record the album. It's called CAAB -- which is both of our initials. It's kind of like pop rock with a retro vibe to it. We write all the songs then Cassie [Reiff] and I perform them.

ETonline: If we were to look at your iPod, who would be the most played?

Breslin: Right now, I love Adele. Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, The Vaccines – Lady Gaga is also so cool [laughs]. Those are probably my favorites right now.

Janie Jones hits theaters on Ocotber 28.