ET is First on the Set of 'Bullet to the Head'

ET is First on the Set of 'Bullet to the Head'

ET's Nancy O'Dell was the first reporter to gain access to the set of Sylvester Stallone's new movie Bullet to the Head. Fans will be happy to see Sly in the same type of blood and guts action movie that he built his name on even after breaking his neck while shooting The Expendables.

While filming the finale for The Expendables, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was asked to tackle Stallone. In doing so, Stallone accidently landed on a pile of bricks, which caused his injury.

"It's never really the same," said Stallone, describing how his neck feels post-surgery. "You're just able to function a little bit better."

The action star is able to function well enough to thrill fans both old and new in the flick, which opens April 13.

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