A Trip Down 'Twilight' Memory Lane


Let's get real -- from the moment you caught a glimpse of Robert Pattinson brooding over a lunch table, you knew you were hooked.

And now for all the Twi-hards who've had their lives taken over for the last three years by Twi-mania, Summit has very special treat for you -- a new video that takes a look back at the first three films of the series, where you can relive all of Bella and Edward's meaningful stares and super-intense moments (Yes Bella, you are his life now).

And of course, the magical appearance of Taylor Lautner's abs.

Check out the video for brand new interviews with series creator Stephenie Meyer and TheTwilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon, who describes Breaking Dawn as "a great Hollywood romantic melodrama combined with a cool, intense horror movie."

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 hits theaters November 18.

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