First Look: Adam Sandler as 'Jack and Jill'


We've got a first look at Adam Sandler in drag as he plays two characters in his new film Jack and Jill, which also stars Al Pacino and Katie Holmes.

Adam plays the roles of Jack Sadelstein -- a successful advertising executive -- as well as his twin sister Jill, whose neediness and passive-aggressive nature drives Jack up a wall. Hilarious comedy ensues after Jack endures the annual event he dreads most: the Thanksgiving visit of Jill, who this time refuses to leave the house after the big event.

Adam said the story focuses on Jack's attempt to break free from his twin sister, while Jill shows her stubborn persistence to bring them back together. He said one thing that made it easier to don drag was that the character Jill is "a tough girl who doesn't try to look gorgeous all the time."

Holmes explained that she plays Jack's long-suffering wife, who tries to be supportive despite his twins' incessant teasing and bickering. She said this turns out to be quite the balancing act as she tries to keep peace in their chaotic house.

In addition to Pacino, you can also see big name cameos by Regis Philbin and Drew Carey in the film, which hits theaters November 11.