Exclusive: Oops! Taylor Lautner Punches Co-Star


In Abduction, Taylor Lautner finally sheds his Twilight wolf clothing to headline his own action-thriller, but his enthusiasm in one particularly intense fight scene found him connecting with his co-star's jaw!

"It was all for real, which is great and involved a lot of training," says Taylor about the fight on a train in very close quarters. "We weren't wearing gloves, so if one of us messes up, we're literally getting punched with a bare fist -- and that did end up happening once. I felt so bad."

"I hit him in that sweet spot," reports Taylor, adding that he connected so hard that his co-star Ilia Volok was knocked out cold. Luckily, "He was such a good sport about it. He was totally fine, thankfully."

Available on Video On Demand for a special two-week window starting tomorrow (December 22) -- then out on DVD and Blu-ray January 17 -- the exciting flick gives the star an opportunity to kick box, slide down hills, jump out of exploding houses and more.

In Abduction, Taylor plays a high school senior who catches a picture of himself on a missing-persons website. Then, after his parents are killed by assassins, he sets out to learn his true identity -- by any means necessary. Directed by John Singleton (2 Fast 2 Furious, Boyz n the Hood), the film co-stars Lily Collins, Maria Bello, Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs and Sigourney Weaver.