Chris Evans Gets Serious in 'Puncture'


Chris Evans is best known for his high-octane performances in movies like Captain America: The First Avenger, Cellular and The Fantastic Four. But he takes an impressive turn towards the dramatic with 2011's true-life story Puncture.

In the film, Evans plays Mike Weiss, a brilliant but drug-addicted lawyer who takes on the health care and pharmaceutical industry after his client is stuck with a contaminated needle. For the actor, playing a real life person was more terrifying than any stunt he'd tackled in an action flick.

"Puncture is tricky because it's a true story," he said earlier this year. "It might not have the same ripple effect [as Captain America], but to a very select few it's the world and that's pressure, that's terrifying."

But the risk was well-worth the reward with Evans receiving the best reviews of his life for the film, which hits DVD & Blu-ray on January 3. Check out an exclusive clip from the film above and then click here to order your copy of Puncture!